About Us

KellesFinery is a intimate apparel line that is designed to not only make you feel good in it but feel good about where it comes from. Our line is manufactured by workers who are paid fair wages and work in safe conditions.

Starting out as a handmade garment business, we quickly saw the need for truly inclusive lingerie for all body types. We surveyed a diverse sample of the community on what they wanted to see in lingerie, which helped us establish the beginning of our intimate apparel line. Our goal is to create a line that empowers our clients yet provides optimal support and comfort for all figures.


About the Owner:

KellesFinery is owned and operated by Kellie, a Fashion and Merchandising Management Alumni at SNHU. Born in Washington but raised in Arizona, she began drawing/sketching fashion designs at a young age, inspired by her cousins who drew manga for fun. All throughout her teenage to young adult years, she struggled with finding bras and lingerie that truly fit her body. She realized that her friends and family would have the same complaints about their intimate apparel. Wanting to help those around her and discovering a vast disconnect in the lingerie industry, she decided to put her designs into motion.

Sewing is a favorite hobby of hers, which she turned into a business to save up enough money to fund her intimate apparel line. Kellie is passionate about ethical business and sustainability in the fashion industry, which is why she has completed her Bachelor's Degree in Fashion Merchandising and Management.

She is married to her husband, Don, who is a massive supporter of her dreams and aspirations. They live in the United States with their dog, Clyde.